The workout is different everyday, which keeps you intrigued and excited for every workout! Not to mention that I am sore after every class! Ashley gets it done!
— Caroline
This morning I really didn’t think my body could handle an Ashley Halley class. I texted Ashley to cancel and she told me “Mind over body, get in the car.” This is what makes Ash truly exceptional. She wants all of her clients to feel good. Thank you for not only being my fitsporation but also my motivation!!
— Alicia
Ashley’s workouts are so specific to individual. She has a keen awareness to each person’s individual needs, focusing on both their strengths and weaknesses. Ashley strives for bettering overall strength and health. It is truly a full mind and body workout.
— Monica
She collects the people you want to work out with – builds community within a small group of women.
— Betsy
Ashley’s workout was amazing! I haven’t had a workout this good in a while. Love the small group!
— Agnes
If you give Ashley Halley a try your body will thank you and hate you in equal measure. The hating is only because our bodies tend to shy away from what is good for them. The thanking is in using muscles that never get to see any action, even in a yogi ‘ s body. The thanking is in the feeling of the difference between a functional movement and just completing a motion any way you can. With mindfulness and control, the body can change. With intention and hard work, the body can thrive. Ashley Halley’s workouts are catered to your individual needs and abilities; her extensive knowledge on anatomy and body work will have you wondering why you’ve been doing it wrong all these years. With a few words and a smile she will have you moving more efficiently, more freely; and cultivating movements to keep your body strong and safe for years to come. You will laugh, and sweat, and MOVE. And you won’t regret it. HUGS!!
— -Ashley Laurino
The class motivates me each week and every workout to push harder. The other clients are inspiring, and I truly get a sense of support and encouragement. Of course I cannot forget Ashley, she is really the reason we all come back each week. Her energy, enthusiasm and commitment to each client is rare and remarkable.

Let’s get moving!
— Jess B.
I’ve been working out with Ashley for a little over a year now. I had previously been at a large gym for over 10 years and was just ready for a change. I loved the idea of being in a small group setting with personalized attention. My first couple of visits to MOVE were humbling yet motivating. Having always worked out, I just assumed I would be able to ”hang” in her classes. But MOVE made me quickly realize how much more I had to learn! Ashley is very particular about proper form. She basically had to rewire my entire thinking on everything from squats to planks. When in a position, the tiniest tweak by her cue can completely change the function of the exercise. She’s beyond knowledgeable about anatomy and functional movement and is constantly educating herself on new things in order to help us.

What keeps me coming back is that there’s never a dull moment around here. Ashley is so in tune with our bodies and knows exactly what we need and crave. She pushes us to our limit but in an encouraging way. She’s quick to let us know what we have to work on yet always points out how far we’ve come. There’s nothing more gratifying than realizing you now can master a move that 6 months earlier you couldn’t even remotely perform. The dynamic of the group is, in my opinion, one of the most amazing aspects of MOVE. Everyone is motivating, encouraging and supportive of one another.
— Cristina