Sweaty Betty 30 Day Sweat Challenge

Sweaty Betty is set to become Britain’s fitness, wellness and nutrition coach throughout the month of September.


This September, Sweaty Betty returns with the month-long `Get Fit 4 Free`campaign. Teaming up with key influencers within the fitness, nutrition, and wellbeing sectors, the new month-long campaign challenges women around the globe to give their fitness, nutrition and wellbeing a boost with a series of online workouts, recipes and mindfulness goals.

The campaign is designed to fit around busy schedules and the hectic nature of everyday life. The mix of in-store, at-home and online challenges mean there is no excuse not to get involved.

The month is focused on Hiitgirl Susan Dyson’s high-intensity, body-sculpting workout; with weekly classes held in stores plus a 30-minute online video. These workouts will be supplemented by daily challenges set by Ambassadors and top fitness bloggers, so get ready to up the cardio, tone the physique and stretch it out with yoga. Guest nutritionists such as Calgary Avansino and Danielle Copperman will be providing tips on how best to fuel your training, while The Detox Kitchen recommends weekly recipes to keep motivation high along the way.

Sweaty Betty’s founder Tamara Hill-Norton will be setting (and partaking in) a few challenges of her own, alongside mindfulness challenges set by Sweaty Betty’s scent partner for the month, NEOM organics. `Each scent has its own purpose. Combine it with the correct activity and your body will feel empowered to go the extra mile,’ says NEOM’s founder, Nicola Elliott.

With all this and more, this September is the month to challenge both body and mind; inspiring and empowering you to be the best version of yourself.

Click here to find out more and sign up for the challenge!

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I am back Home, in the Motherland, Venice Beach, California

with Steve Ross from Maha Yoga

with Steve Ross from Maha Yoga

I am back home in the mother land of Venice Beach, CA where everything goes and living consciously is a natural social norm. This is my “special place” where I return again and again to revive and nourish my soul from the hectic lifestyle I lead. There is so much joy and love here sometimes I don’t know what to do with it all! I am overwhelmed with the amount of things I want to do and be involved in. Especially with my amazing teachers and friends who happen to all be here for the month of August. I will be with my yoga teachers: Micheline Berry and friends for yoga, ecstatic dance and tribe; Shiva Rea for a teacher training immersion; Rudy Mettia for an ass kicking power class; and new teachers to experience. My other desires are to be with those on the cutting edge of fitness and wellness. I will be diving into the unknown and discomfort of classes and teachers who will push me beyond my perceived limits. I am here to learn, to absorb, and to take it all in. Truly life is a blessing when you do what you love and others love what you do with them.

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Embrace, Explore, Ignite

rose effect


Yourself from where you came from


Emotional wounds you still carry and feed


Anger of…

Choices you’ve made in the past

Fear and feelings that are activated in you as a victim


Forgiveness and acceptance

Do things that scare you to get unstuck

The present moment and BE in it!

Go on a quest to find those things that make you feel powerful

Maximize your potential


The new possibilities and make them the new glue that binds your experience and relationship to LOVE

Ignite your truth

Invite change

Empower yourself

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Earn a Free 5 Session Package!

Team logo

MOVErs can earn a FREE 5 session package simply by bringing 5 friends to try out a MOVE session.

New clients must pay for a session (you cannot use one of your package sessions for them).

Be sure to remind Linda so she can keep track. After friend #5 shows up, she will put that 5 session package in your account!

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