Words of Encouragement




You are doing so well.

Reaching out and speaking truth is the first part towards healing.

Be your best friend. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

Breathe deep and trust god because there is so much better than this for you right now.

Find a schedule that fits your lifestyle and stick to it for grounding and security.

Get back to work and your daily flow of life.

Be in God’s light. Visualize pink and golden light all around you and pouring down inside you.

Get some sunshine in! Face the sun for a few minutes with arms wide open and allow for prana (energy) from the main source of life to brighten and uplift your heart and spirit.

Lie on the ground, get in the grass and feel the embrace of the earth. This helps remove the negative ions from your body.

Know that all is in divine order.

Trust the flow of life.

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Things that Inspire...going with the Flow


Play with a child or an animal.

Take an unexpected wrong turn on your way home.

Go to dinner alone and make friends at the bar.

Take a trip alone.

Go to a new workout class.

Say “yes” when you are asked to dance.

Attend a cocktail party where you don’t know anyone but the host.  And go alone!

Be in “wonder”.  View the world through children’s eyes, as if everything is new and interesting.

Be unconditional.

Get carried away by someone’s laughter and joy.  Allow it to be contagious.

Put your phone down, in fact leave it at home or do what I did and lose it all together.

Release habits and patterns of thinking that eventually show up in the body causing dis-ease, aches, and pains.

Allow  yourself to get carried away from daily life and structure.

Be spontaneous!

Create space for things and feelings that mean something to you like:  be optimistic, joyful, silly, childlike, adventurous, things that help you root and grow to your maximum potential.

Being vs. doing

Trust the process of life.

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Want to Improve your overall Health & Vitality? Try Yoga!



What can improve our overall health and vitality?  YOGA, just try it!

Yoga is an excellent key to maintenance and overall youthful vitality.  I have been practicing for almost 15 years and I swear it is the fountain of youth.  For those of you who know me, each year I seem to become younger, stronger, and more flexible inside and out.  Yoga enhances my overall personality, intuition, and lifestyle.  Here are some other reasons you should practice yoga.

Your body and mind on yoga is an exercise that defies stress and fires you up physically and mentally.  You are a better listener to what your body needs, stiffness, soreness, fatigue, and recovery.  But it goes so much further than that.  As you breathe deeper, your brain’s higher thinking center fires up making you smarter.  The nervous system slows down and your fight or flight response decreases, hence making you feel lighter in your chest and giving you an overall sense of calm.  Sort of like feeling stoned or high on your own chemistry, this removes cortisol pumping through your veins and adds the “feel good” hormones.  Now you are primed for making better decisions, better sex, better sleep, better immune activity, and less pain.

Wednesday Workout: Yoga Flow for Restoration




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Workout Wednesday: Yoga Flow for Restoration

Yoga Flow for Restoration and Going with the Flow




Mountain pose (tadasana) standing at top of mat

encourages confidence and stability

Forward fold (uttanasana) lengthens back body and hamstrings, calms nervous system down

Half forward fold with hands under shoulders on floor

Place hands down and step both feet back


Down onto belly lay flat for cobra or upward facing dog

Downward facing dog (hands and feet on earth, hips lifted)


1.  Warrior I on Right Leg with arms circle for 3 breaths

strength in entire body, builds confidence


2.  Interlace hands behind back and fold forward allowing the torso and head to bow between legs.  Same foot stance as Warrior I

3 breaths

focuses alignment of hips, engages core, opens shoulders

emotional release:  surrender, bowing down to self


3.  High lunge/runners lunge with side body twist hands in prayer at heart center

3 breaths

gives length to the spine in all 4 directions (front/back, sides)

twists are essential to opening and preparing the body for backbends

emotional release:  letting go of tension, anxiety, anger


4.  Vinyasa: to connect downward dog, push up, cobra or upward dog, and back to downward dog


5.  Repeat 1-3 on left leg


6.  From downward dog:

Right Leg comes forward to Warrior II; external rotation of hips Warrior II pose arms parallel to earth

extend the front arm up and over head as opposite arm rests on back leg

return back to neutrals, arms parallel to the earth

movement flows with breath giving freedom to move side waist while engaging core and strength in legs

repeat the movement 3 times

(for varied level practitioners there are many options available to do same movements with props or on the floor)

emotional release: Flow movements within poses allows the practitioner to feel safe and strong in a fluid movement, to trust their body when things may not be stable physically or emotionally


7.  Triangle pose with option for half triangle pose with fluid arm movement

lengthens spine, opens hips and low back, engages core, builds strength and flexibility


8.  Vinyasa

9.  Repeat other left side


Repeat this sequence 3-5 times


Finish your practice with a bridge pose laying down on your back, knees bent and hip width apart.  Lift your hips to the sky as your shoulder blades come rest down the back.  Hold the pose for 5 long deep breaths.

Meditate on compassion for self and others.  Let go of “should, would, and could’s”.




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What is MOVE?



What is MOVE?
What does MOVE do for you?

MOVE makes you sweat, burn calories, increase strength, build muscle, burn fat, kicks your butt but leaves you elated and wanting more. It is the best and fastest results you have ever seen in a workout. MOVE is challenging and fun.

MOVE will empower you to be bold, confident and sexy. It’s time to love your body and your life.

MOVE is a fusion of inspired fitness modalities such as resistance, strength, endurance, yoga, boot camp, TRX, and Pilates. The method is a mindful and conscious workout designed to use the body as a whole unit building overall core strength and tone creating your best body and mind ever!
The studio space is small group training with personalized attention. Prepare to workout like you’ve never done before.

The Lifestyle program

Designed and personalized just for you with my guidance and training to transform you. You will be educated, given advice from many diets, nutritionists, fitness gurus, and yoga to evolve your body, mind, and soul towards your fullest potential.

List of what I do:
Coaching thru the week
Meal planning
One on one training and yoga
Encourage balanced living
Workouts when away
Nutrition and supplement planning and guidance
Educate total wellness

Contact MOVE now to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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