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In appreciation of your business to MOVE Studio, we would like to offer you 25% off your next 5- or 10-session package purchase  when you refer a new client to MOVE. The client must attend one full price session.

We have made some changes at MOVE Studio: new session times, new instructors and new modalities to the sequencing. You are an important part of our improvements, as it is YOU that keeps us motivated.

Our mission is to stay on top of the fitness trends, constantly changing the MOVE workout so your body does not adapt, in order to improve your overall health and fitness routine. Plus, we just want you to look and feel like a powerful being! We look forward to seeing you soon and MOVE-ing with you.

Please contact MOVE studio,, for more information or to redeem your discount.

Offer expires 12/31/2014: only one discount per referring client.

Your MOVEment team,

Ashley, Keith, Antonio and Linda

Yoga MOVEs starting 9/25!!



MOVE is now offering Yoga sessions on Thursday evenings at 6pm-715pm. Yoga MOVEs is a blend of vinyasa, power, and integral corrective therapy to restore the body from other training sessions like MOVE or your exercise activities throughout the week. The space is limited to 6 so please reserve your space ahead of time. There is a 24 hour cancellation policy to insure your space.  A waiting list is available if  someone cancels, you will be notified via email for your space.   See you on the mat!

Workout Wednesday: 9/17/2014


Workout Wednesday !

Why strength training for women?

Builds muscle

Burns fat because muscle is more metabolically active that fat

More muscle = more calories burned

Creates more tone by filling in the loose skin with muscle

Increases bone density

Its fun and feels good which releases: oxcytocin, endorphins, testosterone

Gives power and confidence

Prevents osteoporosis

More blood and oxygen to the muscles, organs and heart

Sweat releases toxins to help create beautiful skin and youthfulness!


Give yourself the gift of strength to lift your babies, to do all your everyday activities that involve lifting, pushing, pulling, and radiating vitality with those you share life with!

Mantra “I give myself the power and strength in my body to overcome my mind when I feel weak, depressed, or moody. Together, my mind and body are a perfect team to provide me strength to conquer the day and my life.”

Some exercise examples to build strength:

Push ups

Downward dog push ups

Squats Lunges

Single leg lunges

Step lunges


Use small weights or soup cans for biceps, triceps, shoulder presses

*Reverse planks

Crab toe touches

Crab walks!

*Simply holding these movements for 1 minute also gives you the benefits of weight bearing exercise to build muscles and bone density.

Power Yoga Series: Up Your Fire

Here is your new printable yoga workout.

Ashley has also added a quick video so you can see each move.

Power Yoga Series- Up Your Fire

 Power Yoga Series Video



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