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Our new trainers are ready and eager to start training you.

We are introducing our first group this August with a special offer.

For August only: Unlimited classes for $300.

The August Session Schedule is up: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8am, 930am and 6pm.

Click here to purchase your special package.

Contact MOVE if you need more information.

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Physicality is a Gift...


Physicality is a gift. It lets us literally touch one another. I am not interested in theories or practices aimed at getting out of here. I do not want to focus on preparing to go to heaven or evolving into formlessness. I want to learn how to be here fully, in this body, in this world. And I want to live erotically, the meaning enfolded in our very cells is unfolded as we touch and are touched.

This is beauty.

From: The Invitation

By: Oriah Mountain Dreamer

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Beauty, Movement & Strength


Beauty, Movement & Strength

Beauty to me is when body, mind, and heart have met their desire to be strong and balanced. When we practice a balanced lifestyle this congruence of body, mind, and spirit carries us throughout our daily lives with ease and contentment. When we lack strength in our body such as sickness or laziness, our spirit becomes dull and less vibrant than usual.

Movement creates amazing “feel good” hormones, endorphins and oxytocin, that release in the body . My favorite example is a hug, which is movement of your body around another being. Oxytocin is released and you immediately feel better. Orgasm is another gift: the body and mind release surges of oxytocin and endorphins. Why do you think porn and self-help are some of the most profitable ventures in America? Because we all want to feel good in our bodies and minds! So embrace what is given. You are beautiful inside and out when you are being your real self, meeting your desires, and moving your body.!

Strength and beauty have these qualities: integrity, perseverance, consistency, grace, poise, character congruent with values, courage in the face of fear and doubt, confidence, open heart, open mind, and compassion for self and others.!

“American Beauty” quote makes me cry every single time I hear or watch it. This is beauty to me.

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Scorpion Push Ups Workout: with a Spicy Donkey Kick!


Here’s your Printable Workout: Scorpion Push Ups with a Spicy Donkey Kick!

Get ready to rev up your ass! lol!

Scorpion Push Ups w/a Spicy Donkey Kick

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