Tips to Push You out of the Sluggish Hot Summer Days:

Fill up on cooling and stimulating liquids:

Lemon water

Cucumber and Mint infused water

Almond milk smoothies with fruit

Espresso and almond milk smoothie with protein

Add fiber to your eve routine to feel full and have a tasty treat without the calories:

1 tablespoon flax seed ground or

1 tablespoon psyllium husk to

8 oz of almond milk or other nondairy with a flavor or honey mix well

Drink immediately as it will thicken

Power Yoga Series: Up Your Fire

Here is your new printable yoga workout.

Ashley has also added a quick video so you can see each move.

Power Yoga Series- Up Your Fire

 Power Yoga Series Video


Antonio's Workout of the Week


This week’s Workout of the Week is from Antonio.

Let’s get after it!

Work out of the week

MOVE News!

Linda profile pic

Hello Fellow MOVErs! I am Linda, Ashley’s assistant. I want to update you on what is happening at MOVE Studio.

Ashley will be back on the teaching schedule right after Labor Day. Please check the session schedule on our Mindbody Online link.

A couple new things about our schedule and the link itself:

1. We are adding sessions! Clients have requested sessions on Monday mornings. Keith and Antonio will lead sessions at 8am and 930am, while Ashley will lead the 6pm workout on Mondays.

2. You can now see how many spots are open for the sessions. If the sign up window has closed, but there are spots available, we can put you in the session. Just contact me, or one of the trainers.

I am excited to see what Ashley has learned. Be ready for fresh, new MOVEs!

What session times would you like to see added to the MOVE schedule? I welcome your input! You may contact me via email.

Finally, do you receive our emails? I would like to ask each of you to update your email profile. You can find the update option at the bottom of each email we send. That way MOVE can tailor these emails to exactly what you want and need.

If you do not yet receive our emails, be sure to join our list! We send out emails with MOVE studio news, fitness and yoga news, and  handy tips and tricks.

Thanks & see you soon!


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Kickstart Your Day with Fitness


Antonio, Debbie, Sheila, Caroline, Johanna, Keith

Antonio, Debbie, Sheila, Caroline, Johanna, Keith

Kickstart your day with Fitness!


Beginning your day with exercise is one of the best habits you can develop for achieving optimal health and wellness. By starting your morning with physical fitness you instantly set a positive tone to conquer your day! I know, some of you are thinking….I’m just not a morning person and never will be. I used to feel the same way, but decided to change and now realize that I am a much more productive, healthy and happy person when I exercise to begin my day. Morning exercise also kick starts your metabolism to get you burning fat early and throughout the day.

The proof is in the pudding!! I have noticed that my personal training clients who commit to morning workouts achieve their fitness goals at a much greater rate than those who plan to workout later in the day. By getting their workouts in at the start of the day they fire up their metabolism AND avoid the possibility, or shall I say likelihood, of that little thing called “life” getting in the way after that wheel starts spinning. So, if you really want to get into the best shape of your life, be happier, healthier and more productive….make it a habit to “Get it In” first thing! Carpe Diem MOVErs!!!


One of our MOVE family members, Licensed Clinical Psychologist Dr. Sheila Katt-Beck dropped a couple of great quotes that relate to this topic and I could not agree more….

“I only exercise on the days I want to feel good”


“We can’t control what happens around us..but we can control whether we workout or not”

Yours in Health, Fitness & Happiness,

Coach Keith Kemp

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