LOVE Yourself 7-Day Challenge

It was a success!  Let's continue to move up and on victoriously.  Look forward to another coming soon.

Empower.  Inspire.  Move. 

With over 30 years devoted to movement encompassing dance, sports and athletic training, I saw my clients tired of driving from studio to studio trying to work different aspects of their body.   This inspired me to create my signature program.

It's a unique, 
broad approach to fitness encompassing many modalities into one class called MOVE.  

MOVE is a unique full body workout that's motivating, enthusiastic and functional for you to experience a total body and mind workout.  

I'm thrilled to have you here!  


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Yoga designed for you.  I offer small group classes, one-on-one custom yoga sessions, nutrition plans and VIP days.


 From intimate local events held in my home, to international yoga retreats I love spending time with my tribe of extraordinary women!