Perform each movement then rest for 10 seconds, move on to the next

Have fun with the sequence and test your perceived limits


Punch and kicks 1 minute

Jabs, upper cuts and kicks 1 minute

Plank walk ups 1 minute

V ups or boat pose lower and raise 30 seconds

Back flat, legs raised and perform around the clock 30 sec

Russian twists 30 seconds

Chair squat alternate raised arms side to side then jump 1 minute

Plank side arm raises 30 seconds

Plank walks side to side 30 seconds

High knee’s 30 seconds

Alternate side lunges with squat in between each side 1 minute

Power jump wide squat out and in 30 seconds

Over head press with dumb bells or kettle bell 30 seconds

Side shuffle fast tempo 30 seconds

Up/downs and kicks 4 times each 30 seconds

Jump switch lunges 30 seconds

Triceps dips alternate leg lifts 30 seconds

Crab toe touches explosive 30 seconds

Superman’s 30 seconds

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Be Free and practice Moderation for Balance

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Be Free and practice Moderation for Balance


“Wow!  That cheesecake looks amazing!  But I don’t think I can have any…I’m on a diet.”

We have all caught ourselves saying those words before, but what happens next?  We either end up having a bite or a whole slice.  Or we end up saying “no” I’ll be good and walk away, but wishing we could have had just a little taste.  We all have those certain foods or pleasures we love to indulge in, but we can’t because we are conditioned to think negatively about it.  These are tough decision, but I’m here to tell you that the secret is moderation.  The term itself simply means “avoidance of extremes or excess”.  Even while I am typing this, I laugh, because Lord knows I struggle with this often. So what do I do?  What can we all do?  Take a bite of cheesecake, go run wild one night with your friends, take a day off from work and devices.  Enjoy the moments and savor the next but know this can’t be a daily thing.  Know your limits and know when to say, ”no more” or “I’m finished.”  The shame, blame, guilt game is not helpful and doesn’t bring you happiness.  So be easy on yourself and know one meal isn’t going to make you fat, just like one workout isn’t going to make you thin.  It’s a long journey… so along the way its ok, veer off the path and smell the roses, take a bite, and then get back on the path.

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Get Out of Your Comfort Zone!

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Get out of your comfort zone and MOVE


We have all seen the commercials or the books that say “lose 10 pounds in 10 days” or the 7 minute workout that’s so easy anyone can do it at anytime in the comfort of our couch with a bag of chips. Well, I’m here to tell you that anything that has the words “easy” and “in minutes” is a lie and will not work. You might see a small result here or there but you’re not going to get the results you are really looking for. When you are in the comfort of your home, are you really going to push yourself to the max for the gains you really desire? Workouts should not be easy or comfortable. You need to get outside of your comfort zone and see what you can do. Think outside the box, then jump over it and even around it. Whatever it takes for you to get going, just do it, and just MOVE. Always challenge yourself! Defy what your mind is telling you and do that extra rep, set, or burst. Your body will thank you for it and show off your hard work.


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Happy New Year! It is almost 2015!!

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The New Year is your time to BE Awesome and MOVE.

Here we are again starting off a new year with intentions and wishful thinking on how we want to look and feel. We promise resolutions and create expectations. Well, I am on a realistic path this year. Here is my affirmation:

“This is who I am just for today. I move my body and mind towards my desires and I get back in return what I put out.” 


Tips for Successful Resolutions:

1. Make short term goals
2. Don’t overwhelm yourself
3. Make them realistic
4. Create a fun game for your workouts
5. Increase your mind body connection to decrease and increase FLOW

Here is an example of what most people think and say. And if you have read down to here, you might get an ab workout from laughing.

“I like who I am and I will force others to feel the same about me. I drink a lot, a swear a lot, and I think I know everything.”


Instead let’s go with the old adage:

“I’m good enough. I’m smart enough. And doggone it, people like me.” Stuart Smiley

Move your body every day, eat what fuels you, and give back love. You ROCK always.


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New Session Offering!



Starting December 5! MOVE at 11am will now be MOVE1. I have designed this session for clients who are newer to the movements of TRX and my program. You will be given progressions to ensure a great workout.

You can sign up now for MOVE1. The first session is almost full!

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