What is MOVE? 

MOVE is a Lifestyle

The MOVE Method:

MOVE is a full body workout that incorporates the most effective moves from all types of workouts- so you don't have to spend your week driving around to different studios, trying to work different aspects of your body - MOVE is all encompassing!

MOVE not only builds and maintains your muscles, but, at the same time, it fine-tunes the smaller muscles, which creates sexier definition for women, while maintaining strength.

MOVE is Super Fun. It has good music, great small group motivation, no mirrors, no judgment, positive vibes always, fun exercise equipment that is challenging but brings out the playful side in everyone. At the end of the day, if you aren't having fun, then you won't want to come back, and you won't see results! MOVE is so much fun that you almost don't feel like you just did nonstop heart pounding exercise for an hour.

MOVE knows that everyone has their go-to cardio exercises that they do twice a week. This is a great way to add all of those other types of movement into your exercise regimen, without having to try a bunch of different classes to find what you like.

MOVE offers more than just a workout session- it offers a place where people who are working out together can get to know one another, therefore creating an amazing support system. MOVE is a place for someone to come a bit early and get ready for the workout, and also place for someone to stay for a minute or two and bask in the achievement of a killer workout with a fellow class goer.


MOVE offers all natural supplements to boost everyone’s internal moods and needs. MOVE also offers nutritional information. MOVE is not just the vitamin guy trying to sell you stuff. MOVE is committed to your health.

MOVE is also a website that offers a ton of information, coming from the person who trains you, and cares about you. It is completely different than looking someone up online and trusting that if you do what they say it will work. Your Trainer, Ashley Halley, is working out with you and motivating you: giving you feedback on your strengths and weaknesses, so that together you both see the results!!

The MOVE Lifestyle is economical. MOVE workouts are personalized - without a private session price. MOVE offers a variety of small group as well as private options in order to give you the best chance at your healthiest life! MOVE and Ashley Halley also offer nutrition help and meal-planning services in conjunction with exercise in order to achieve your health and fitness goals.

MOVE and Ashley Halley, are committed to supporting you and your commitments, giving you personalized attention and making sure you push yourself to the fullest and you never quit too soon