MOVE Group Sessions
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MOVE is small group training combining a fusion of inspired fitness modalities such as resistance, strength, endurance, yoga, boot camp, TRX, and Pilates.  The method is a mindful and conscious workout designed to use the body as a whole unit building overall core strength and tone creating your best body and mind ever! It makes you sweat, burn calories, increase strength, build muscle, burn fat, and kick’s your butt leaving you elated and wanting more. Leave with a fresh smoothie to fuel your moves.

  • $60 single session
  • $200 4 session package
  • $360 8 session package (must be used within 3 months from  purchase date)
Initial assessment

Ashley does so much more than just working out.  She trains you to be your best self.  The training incorporates any type of movement that will ensure your best function to move in life.  If you are an athlete or simply want more flexibility and strength, Ashley will get you result fast. Includes video and homework.

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Yoga - One-on-One

Ashley designs your very own yoga practice, sequence, and dynamic experience.  She is all encompassing when creating what is best for you according to your current state of being.  This includes your health, lifestyle, season, mood and goals.  

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