Gratitude! Have glory for your stories!


It is that same time of year again, the holidays, the rush to finish the year, and the urgency to do it all. 

I have anxiety, self doubt and self worth issues bigger than the fucking Pillsbury Dough man from Ghostbusters. I go back and look at what I haven't done vs. what I have done. My self critic is like that nasty relative at the dinner table for Thanksgiving who brings out the worst story or defeat of me. You know what I am talking about? I listen to this bitch nag! It's absurd that I allowed this small percentage of my time that wasn't on top of my game to consume the best of me.

Then I get depressed and anxious. Sound familiar? 

I then try to do it all before "time" gets the best of me. And what the fuck is "time" anyways? This whole illusion of the New Year and the theme song "Auld Lang Syne" states, "Should old acquaintances be forgotten, and never brought to mind?". That statement tells me you gotta start over, fix the wrongs, and clear the relationship house. Agh!

My feelings get the best of me leading me towards illness, a cold and in bed with self-defeat and pity. Great.

In fact my dear friends last year I said I wasn't allowed to make any big decisions this time of year and/or the beginning of the new year because I sabotage my little heart. Here are some of my examples; redecorating, redo a business model, break up a relationship (like the song), take on some new course. If I allow myself to make big decisions this time of year I create my own insanity and chaos. 

Yep down beyond all the ego and self, my heart and soul know this is true...

Acceptance and approval of self are the medicine to heal.

Acknowledge my accomplishments and have glory for the stories! My story is what got me here and I like being HERE.

Take action! Make a list of your accomplishments in the year. 

Examples: finished a course to better your education or business, made a big sale, remodeled a home, lost 10 pounds, had a baby, learned something new on the computer, cleaned up your environment from clutter and relationships.

Take one or two of these accomplishments and write down the "glory that came from the story" of the accomplishment! Wow, yeah you did that shit and you rock!

Finally write yourself a letter of appreciation. 


Your self worth is bigger than it has ever been. I am so proud of your diligence and truth seeking. Even when it's not fun, uncomfortable and irritating you have come a LONG way. As you continue to take care of you, self love and acceptance, the love around you will be infinite and support you back. You see it is just as important you receive as you give. My love for you is infinite and unconditional. you are my baby and I cherish our relationship.


Keep moving forward in Gods Light and Universal LOVE.

Rewrite your scripts in your head daily and love who you are right now. 

You are so powerful.

Ashley Halley